War of the Moons

Lead the revolution! Free other moons and satellites! Take control of the planet! But beware, the planet will fight back...

  • You start with one moon / satellite
  • Select a moon with a left mouse click. Your moons will have a blue circle when selected
  • Send ships from a satellite you control to any other with a right clic
  • Control the percentage of ships you send order by clicking on the same moon, or on the green / shadow square
  • If only your ships orbit a moon, you have freed it and it will help you
  • Send a ship to the planet to win, but it will destroy all your ships if there are still occupied moons
  • Once you freed all moons, the planet will trigger its shield
  • The planet will send enormous fleet of ships to all moons, but they are mostly rubbish...
  • Watch out for the asteroids!
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Made withRust
Average sessionA few minutes


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Version 0.2.1


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Dang, this seems hard!

I think that the web version of the game is having trouble recognizing ctrl+click on a macbook touchpad as a right click, unfortunately.